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A whirligig is a device, moved by the wind, which whirls and turns on a pivot. Many are simple in design while others have been exceedingly complicated. Whatever the size or shape , the whirligig has two universal characteristics: it has been created for the fun of it and it gives pleasure to those who see it. All the whirligigs presented here are made from solid wood or exterior plywood and are finished with a high quality exterior paint and  have brass or stainless steel hardware so that the whirligig will last for years.

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We also have other fine wood projects, like musical banks, coat hangers and more, please click on the
Wood Crafts or Musical Banks buttons at the bottom to view these.

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We will be making all whirligigs " On Demand " from now on.

If you order a whirligig it will take about a week to complete before it's ready for shipping.


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Mallard Duck

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bluejay.jpg (97829 bytes)
Blue Jay

loon.jpg (124233 bytes)
Canadian Loon

roadrunner.jpg (75237 bytes)
Road Runner

parrot.jpg (130690 bytes)

flamingo.jpg (177758 bytes)

eagle.jpg (171134 bytes)
Bald Eagle

buzzard.jpg (119868 bytes)

pelican.jpg (133378 bytes)

seagull.jpg (117433 bytes)

goldenfinch1.jpg (66952 bytes)
Golden Finch

pegasis.jpg (228257 bytes)

Danny Dragon.jpg (188878 bytes)
Danny the Dragon

flying pig.jpg (156161 bytes)
Flying Piggy

dog.jpg (85650 bytes)
The Dog

Bear and Bee.jpg (204008 bytes)
Silly Bear

standing puffin.jpg (48931 bytes)
Standing Puffin

flying puffin.jpg (83196 bytes)
Flying Puffin

chopper.jpg (199525 bytes)
Military Chopper

ladybug.jpg (107376 bytes)
Lady Bug

bee.jpg (103855 bytes)
Bumble Bee

dragonfly.jpg (70361 bytes)
Dragon Fly

grasshopper.jpg (59675 bytes)
Praying Mantis

Mosquito.jpg (120916 bytes)

football.jpg (113478 bytes)

baseball.jpg (192245 bytes)

golfer.jpg (203963 bytes)
Saturday Golf

wrestler.jpg (168935 bytes)

railroad.jpg (90260 bytes)

fisherman.jpg (131923 bytes)

fisherman in sailboat.jpg (92650 bytes)
Fisherman in Sailboat

fisherman in rowboat.JPG (92437 bytes)
Fisherman in Rowboat

sailboat.jpg (83235 bytes)

Water Skierer.jpg (89881 bytes)
Water Skier

santa.jpg (214937 bytes)
Santa Claus

Dutch Boy & Girl kissing.jpg (209521 bytes)
Dutch Boy & Girl

race car.jpg (319531 bytes)
INDY 500

Red Barron.jpg (91902 bytes)
Red Baron

fireman.jpg (183883 bytes)
Fireman and Dog

Bog Copper Butterfly.jpg (85903 bytes)
Bog Copper

Question Mark Butterfly.jpg (82188 bytes)
Question Mark

Buckeye butterfly.jpg (78539 bytes)

Morning Cloak Butterfly.jpg (163391 bytes)
Morning Cloak

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.jpg (76547 bytes)
Tiger Swallow

Monarch Butterfly.jpg (161743 bytes)
Monarch Butterfly

miamiblue.jpg (93563 bytes)
Miami Blue

goose.jpg (87722 bytes)
Canadian Goose

woodpecker.jpg (121280 bytes)
Wood Pecker

humming_bird.jpg (116772 bytes)
Humming Bird

roadrunnertoon.jpg (70854 bytes)
Cartoon Roadrunner

coyote.jpg (94654 bytes)
Wile E. Coyote

tweety.jpg (72981 bytes)
Tweety Bird

sylvester.jpg (98052 bytes)

toucan1_small.jpg (2744 bytes)

Cockatoo.jpg (75707 bytes)

bluebird.JPG (107733 bytes)

witch_small.jpg (2223 bytes)
Witch on her Broom

monstertruck.jpg (74537 bytes)
Monster Truck

sportscar.jpg (59554 bytes)
Sports Car

Macaw.jpg (87433 bytes)

Black_Throated_Magpi.jpg (100991 bytes)
Black Throated Magpi

woody.jpg (98409 bytes)
Woody the Woodpecker

emperor_penguin.jpg (100752 bytes)
Emperor Penguin

emperor_penguin_chick.jpg (60332 bytes)
Emperor Penguin Chick

Eaglesbird.jpg (62842 bytes)
Philadelphia Eagles (Swoop)

arizonacardinal.jpg (69458 bytes)
Arizona Cardinal Logo

angel.jpg (79115 bytes)
The Angel

laughinggull.jpg (120250 bytes)
Laughing Gull

snowgoose.jpg (74582 bytes)
Snow Goose

greenparrot.jpg (146707 bytes)
Green Parrot

crow.jpg (152331 bytes)
The Crow

dragon.jpg (72113 bytes)
Mythical Dragon

turtle.jpg (89757 bytes)
Crush the Turtle

frogleft.jpg (84646 bytes)
The Frog

broncorider.jpg (90420 bytes)
The Bronco Rider

turkyhunter.jpg (85014 bytes)
The Turkey Hunter

woodduck.jpg (82842 bytes)
Wood Duck

bswallow.jpg (90091 bytes)
Barn Swallow

woodchopper.jpg (88861 bytes)
Wood Chopper

woodsawyer.jpg (91875 bytes)
The Wood Sawyer

nutcracker.JPG (87391 bytes)
The Nutcracker

cat.jpg (122650 bytes)
The Cat

gusspecial.JPG (85215 bytes)
Ralphie's Special Delivery

oldtimegolf.jpg (86291 bytes)
Old Time Golfer's

bassmaster.jpg (104794 bytes)
The Bass Master

carcrank1.jpg (107489 bytes)
The Car Crankier

privyfun.jpg (105463 bytes)
Ryan's Privy Fun

pollypump.jpg (104904 bytes)
Paige at the Pump

milkingfarmer1.jpg (99423 bytes)
Cow Milking Farmer

terpsleft.jpg (105071 bytes)
Maryland Terps

dads workshop.jpg (98149 bytes)
Dad's Workshop

martyanboots.jpg (80358 bytes)
Marty an Boots

cow.jpg (142024 bytes)
Flying Cow

phesant.jpg (84239 bytes)

osprey.jpg (96262 bytes)
The Osprey

locomotive.jpg (84749 bytes)

finishedpost1_small.jpg (1459 bytes)
Display Posts for Lawns




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A Whirligig will make any garden or lawn look better, why not get one today.

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