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Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions page is to answer some of the questions we receive and to explain how our Whirligigs are constructed.

All of our whirligigs are constructed from solid wood (pine or spruce) with some exterior plywood for wings etc. Each wing has a Brass Tube and in most cases Stainless Steel screws or Brass screws on the smaller ones and SS or Brass washers for long life. The Bodies have a Stainless Steel pivot tube with a Brass Ball inside so it will turn toward the wind freely. We do not use plastic for pivot tubes or non weather resistant materials like screws that have a tendency to rust and corrode in the construction of our whirligigs as others do so our whirligigs will last for years if properly maintained and displayed.

All have a coat of exterior primer and at least two coats of the primary color before the trim color is added.

All the whirligigs come with a 20d galvanized nail with the head removed that is inserted into the pivot tube after being hammered into a user supplied 2x2 or dowel or even a fence post. (Display Posts are available separately for a small charge if desired. They come painted green or unfinished).

If using your own pole or dowel we suggest drilling a 3/16 hole about 1" deep in the top to help prevent splitting the wood and make sure you have enough clearance so the wings and body turn freely without hitting obstructions.

All the whirligigs come pre-lubricated with a long lasting silicone grease but should they need lubrication we suggest spraying once in a while with a penetrating lubricant like WD-40 or CRC Power Lube or even 3 in 0ne house hold oil.

Occasionally once placed outside the wings may not turn, this could be due to changes in humidity or temperature. To free them up simply turn the screw a quarter of a turn with a screwdriver or even a dime will work. If you receive a lot of freezing rain or heavy snow we suggest taking in your whirligig in the winter and putting it back out in the spring, and avoid placing them in overly windy locations.   By following these simple instructions your whirligig should last for years.

Due to an increasing problem with broken propeller blades during shipping we will no longer be shipping the Animated Whirligigs with the propeller installed, an instruction sheet and all the parts will be shipped with the whirligig and the end user will need to simply spin on the propeller assembly and tighten the nuts.

"Limited Warranty Coverage"
If your whirligig fails because of a defect in materials or workmanship we will replace or repair at our option the whirligig for a period of 90 days from the date of the original purchase. This warranty only covers failures in materials or workmanship and
DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.

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